Guido, get the car.

Deep somewhat staining ruby with an abrupt edge containing the teensiest hint of brick. Tertiary solemnity influences sharp vanilla and yogurt mascarpone along still, mildy pruny fruit lines. Well-ripened plum and moldy flowers create adequate tension in a nose-feel relatively bland with the exception of late spice burn.

Merlot is gonna be Merlot, let’s face it. At least, 99% of the time. I guessed this to be a huge chunk of Merlot and had to Google and it turned up partially true. Just one of those versions of the variety which don’t go in for the long run, plain and simple. The whole thing feels bland and tired, lacking in substance and all concentration gone flabby. I am shocked the cab hasn’t held it together better.

In the mouth, more tiredness. Fruit has long taken it’s last vacation and has now relegated itself to wrinkly arm-chair edicts of past frolics on the beach and in exotic locales. Abrasive structure now dominates from the watery entry on, and all interest fades into raspy burn.

I’ve tasted this wine several times at various ages–this is probably the oldest–and the condition of this one makes it hard to recommend. Really makes me wonder what big brother on the TOP 100 of 2018 list comes off as in a fresh state. Merlot for me has been the hardest thing to speculate *where it’s going* at a young age, as it can be so beautiful and lush on release and turn into hollow vapid bullshit well before even pre-pubescent years.

2013 TENUTA SAN GUIDO ‘Guidoalberto’ ME/Cab 60/40 IGT Toscano Italy 13.5

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