Little Sister

All the Bonnie Bell, match-head and oolong tea you can handle, but subdued and calm, creating tense smart sexiness. One of those wines you stare across the table at for interminable lengths of time, not hearing any conversation, dying for the moment you can rip her clothes off–it probably won’t even last the car ride home.

Olive-skinned and salty, you can’t lap the life out of this one deep enough. It brings sweet spicy curves to your fingers and touch–gorgeous fruit with pretty floral lines even better with the lights on–bristling goose-bumps of tart excitement all writhing with delight under your mouth. You guys can leg-hump your Fleurie and Morgon and Brouilly all night–I’ll be home with Juliénas.

2016 La Soeur Cadette Gamay Juliénas Beaujolais France 12.5

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