Off We Go

Translucent deep ruby with bright clear edges just hinting at garnet. Vegetal and wet-barrel nose does little to obscure ridiculously dark black cherry and ripe blackberry fruit–alive and fresh with pangs of petrichor and fuzzy mineral injections with each fresh swirl. Calm and beautiful, nothing awry, deep berry–bold and round–refusing even the slightest bit of prunyness, but tempered against a soothing hint of brett.

How many Teroldegos have you had in your life? Kinda makes ya think, no? Not super un-common, but still: could you fill one hand? Two?

In the mouth, fruit, luscious fruit everywhere! Spicy and brilliantly acidic–an absolute Tang-infused bombshell of gorgeousness layered on a gritty base citrus and alive, roundness curling the edges of your tongue while the train of pure overwhelming cherry and plum steams on through the night, never wavering right or left in search of strange-variety-weirdness or old-world funkiness or boutique cleverness. It’s just PURE. STRAIGHT. FRUIT. for miles and miles as a gentle barnyard richens the finish–a finish I wouldn’t call tannic, but as pure and dedicated as the whole package and a perfect ending note.

A wine so pure and focused it is no wonder this thing is doing so well at 6 years. Literally the best Teroldego you have ever had in your life. You KNOW this girl’s day-job is Au Bon Climat, RIGHT?!?! Now you’re sold. FIND IT.

2012 MATELA Teroldego Le Bon Climat VYD Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County 13.5

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