Brilliant ruby, pink and blue. Heady funk and more brilliance in pure unadulterated fruit never cease from the nose. Dark rose and crushed stem with a warm richness accentuating cinnamon and nutmeg through wet oak and black soil. A slight barnyard never gets in the way of the cool shrillness of pure dripping fruit.

In the mouth, concentration allaying everything mentioned above takes center-stage. Clean and bright, meandering the catacombs of dank distinction and alcoholic spice with aplomb and gravitas, never selling out to fatty eagerness or concocted release, maintaining a plush green-ness throughout the palate clear into the simple finish containing more burn than tannin.

A rather interesting set of nuances considering the stated ABV.

2016 STOLO FAMILY WINERY Syrah Stolo Vineyard San Luis Obispo 12.5

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