Beer Goggles

This could be the best beer I’ve ever had in my life. Fuzzy grapefruit nose, dank and icy over giant slabs of porous rock, overgrown with wilted tiny wild roses. Bread, sweet and crisp–a doughy center and brittle crust, steaming wheat and yeast offerings, somehow managing an icy clean refresh on the asphalt to Vegas.

I don’t drink a lot of beer–those close to me know how rare it is. I have had a 12pack of Coors longnecks in the fridge for THREE YEARS. On the rare occasion I drink beer, it is Tecate cans with street tacos, green bottles of Saigon with pho, or Singha and Tsingtao with Chinese. So when somebody gave me these 30th’s at SLObrew’s anniversary party, I figured they would be gifts. As you see from the above list, I like my beer watery, pale gold and uncomplicated. What beer-people call “piss-beer”. I flat-out do NOT drink craft-beer. Too dark, too strong, too bitter, too just ewww.

In the mouth, citrus hits again, this time bright ripe orange zest backed up by bold savory fruit, bright pear and dull liliquoi, introducing a cardamom and chamomile muddle exposing more of that beautiful asphalt. A woodsy sort of lumber-mill gravitas bring diesel and dust to the introduction of that high-bitter I have before criticized beer for but here it sings a blueberry note over India ink and black walnut far into a finish of sweet craving at midnight when all the shops are closed and you dig in the shelves for Toll House bittersweet chips and dried ginger and mango and contemplate making cookies.

This is really good beer.

SLO Brew IPA Triple Dry Hopped ’30th Anniversary’ Ale 8.8 and by popular request: SLObrew BEER FINDER

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