Hedges Make Good Neighbors

Dark ruby with a definite ruddy edge. Subdued spice and peaty fruit over some tertiary goodness not exemplary–but not unenjoyable. Dusty velvet with padded leather arms fading to soiled nothingness. ‘Nuf said.

Let’s face it: Boo, Christophe and company make THE BEST LABELING in the business hands down, no equal. But keep in mind this is a $25 wine. Despite the $100 packaging and hallowed status of Red Mountain, this is a $25 bottle of wine. Was it designed to last this long? The nattering nabobs of napa-negativity seem to think so, and it’s *good*–don’t get me wrong–it’s just tired and completely devoid of excitement. It barely has a pulse.

In the mouth, Dr. Pepper beauty clean and strong. A tropical briar gains a footing mid-palate and finally represents itself as well-emulsified tannins. The nutty pistachio cherry runs a straight stream entry-to-finish, and the peat in the nose dances around in the background of the whole thing pantomiming a certain funkiness–at times barely noticeable, other times the charming jester.

I def wouldn’t throw this thing outa bed, but it certainly won’t blow anybody’s mind. I remember being rather excited about this bottle on release. I have some newer vintages too, if this is available in your market, I will not sway from recommending it. Just don’t ask it to do the impossible.

2007 HEDGES FAMILY ESTATE Red Wine 56/30/8/6 ME/Cab/SY/CF Red Mountain Washington 13.6


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