Si Bonne, Si Bonne, Si Bonne…

Clear ruby. Instant funk hits you bold and beautiful. We used to use this word all the time (and I still do) but it turns out in today’s perfect somm-culture you can not use that word. It is a bad thing. Millennials need to get a grip on life and wine. That’s all I’m saying. Beautiful barnyard here, poopy and bretty and wonderful, gorgeous neutral oak and silky fruit woven into the dusky funk.

This is probably one of the most recognizable Provence labels. Don’t see it every day, but still: it is far more common than anything else from this appellation. There are SOOOO many great red wines from Cotes de Provence. When you see them, BUY THEM. It’s not just rosé! The reds are (typically) bold and thick and stunning. This one skips the frist two and just plays with stunning. It is not thick or dense or especially concentrated. Rather, it is clear and light. Nowhere near Beaujolais-ish, and CONTINENTS away from Chinon, beautiful in its own way. In the way ALL Cotes de Provence wines are.

In the mouth, meager and dry, fruit definitely taking a backseat to the racy acid and grippy tannin. Black cherry–thinned and watery–does a little dance around a green core of somewhat soda-pop bite. Roasted meat fried eggs and boiled hot-dogs and saline olive oil and an herbaceous quality melding perfectly with the thin–but very apparent–fruit. A finish dry and strident and quite a contrast to the gaudy label.

Fun, fun stuff.

2016 CLOS CIBONNE Tibouren Cotes de Provence France-Sud 13.5

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