The Mountain and the Valley

This is one of those beautiful stories of Instagram where it starts out by somebody mentioning something and I go and stalk their gram and start absorbing their concept, scroll around on their website and it sparks some trials and a conversation, and BAM! I now have a new Napa Valley Cab I’ve never heard of in my entire life I am in love with.

I had the 13 a couple weeks back and if you read me regularly you know how excited I was to get into the 11. And boy oh boy is this a nice 11. Big mint and cellar must come out on initial pour, gradually breathing to some nice tertiary nuances but mostly a still-meaty briary minty fruit. 50/50 Pritchard Hill and Coombsville AVA, the hillside beauty really shines, with layers of stony reflection affronting not-shy fruit meandering in and out of tannic waves.

This is a beautifully-made wine with DECADES to go. Just gorgeous. The fruit slam, the acidic screech, the wild untamed earth and weed, but there’s this half–this balance point–of calm, even, ocean-breeze maintaining throughout. And that beautiful bitter eucalyptus vanilla bite churns on.

I love these wines. I’ve got the 14 sitting here too I can’t wait to visit. I mean– 13 and 11 are kinda, well, you know: litmus. I don’t heve to explain this to my following. You get it. And as much as it pains me to say this, at 90 bucks these things are bargains, not only from the comparison to their vineyard co-producers, but once you taste them.

2011 ROBERT JOHN VINEYARDS Cabernet Savignon Stagecoach/Coombsville Napa Valley 14.7

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