Lambda Lambda Lambda

God I love Zins from this part of town. THE thickest, headiest, most concentratedly perfect Zinfandel–in other words NOT the Zinfandel you’re used to drinking: what you have been trained to think Zinfandel tastes like in the past 15 years. No. Get some of this. It will BLOW your mind. I have a few others you should try too, if you seriously want to experience Zin the way god intended.

Scorched pitchy rhubarb fruit in the nose, jammed up on graham crackers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in Fruit Loops milk, green weedy present, but slight behind stupidly smooth, beautiful fruit.

In the mouth, claret-clarity in a slightly chubbier package, a thick nectar coating all while maintaining a mere 14-3. Dark and decisive, banana, pear and briar, all catatonic in a dark wasteland of ridiculous black cherry.

There’s only a handfull of people left who make Zinfandel the way I like–and I’m weird and “haven’t kept up with the trends” I know… I’m odd that way, and stubborn and old-fashioned. I am completely allergic to prune, I loathe hi-alc, VA is a case-by-case thing and I roll my eyes at the “Old Vine” on your label, as it almost GUARANTEES bad Zin. But this stuff! OMG this stuff.

Been a fan of this label for a long time, then fell in love with the 13 recently and because of that have hit up 14 and 15. Buy as much as you can find and afford. THIS is what the old-timers intended when they bottled Zinfandel. Not that Koolaid & Vodka BS you get in Paso, most of Sonoma, and the grocery store. Step up to real Zinfandel and stop drinking that crap!

2015 LAMBORN FAMILY VINEYARDS Zinfandel Howell Mountain Napa Valley 14.3

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