Puff On This

I know I’m supposed to be all about World of Pinot Noir this weekend, but dropped into Puffers of Pismo last night late to decompress and found 2 stupidly-good wines you should check out while he has them. The wines are ALWAYS good there, but these two are absolute blockbusters and won’t be there long (yes, they are available for retail sale too). Fell absolutely in lurve with the Ranchero Cellars Carignane at Paso Robles Rhone Rangers last weekend and BOOM! Charlie’s pouring it down the street from my house! I’m like GIMME DAT. Get the wine here: rancherocellars.com, Yes, there’s a tasting room in Paso Robles at Paso Underground, and if you are visiting Pismo Beach, DO NOT miss out on visiting Puffers little winebar and restaurant and music venue. It is THE local’s hangout.

2013 RANCHERO CELLARS ‘Revolver’ Carignane Paso Robles 13.8

But wait, there’s MOAR:

Have you seen the vineyards on the Canary Islands?!?!? This place makes Dusi or Turley look like Disneyland. Boomers and GenX be like oooooh Tenerife, and millennials don’t know anything about that little ✈️✈️ problem–they just know ridiculous wines come from there. This is a funky dark brooding CVNE Vino MASTERPIECE, produced by Suertes Del Marques, and not a wine you can find or experience readily around here. If you’re into chinon or mencia or crew-bojo or sicily or mt. etna, check this baby out. From Skurnik Wines, where all good things come from.

2014 SUERTES DEL MARQUES ‘Medianias’ 55/30/15 Listan Negro/Vijariego/Negro y Tintilla, Tenerife Canary Islands Spain 14.0

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