Combe the Canyon

Juicy-fruit-fresh milky bright goodness like an apple picked off the tree after the first deep frost, the soil raised in forests of ice crystals, the mud just slightly warmed by the morning sun and crunchy-gooey around your shoes, a blush of sunburn on the skin shielding the unripe bite of acid from the pithy nectar of a year’s build-up or sugar. Boozily round–in a cider-y sort of way–dark concentration floats on whispy, spritzy waves of uncomplicated salad topped with the serious straight whipped cream of winter elegance and the budding blossom of springtime vibrancy.
This is red wine like you’ve never experienced red wine before, beautiful and with a definite pulse, begging you to drink it.

2018 COMBE (Stolpman Vineyards and Rajat Parr) Trousseau Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara County 12.0

(This wine is restaurant and allocation ONLY, enter your email address at website above.

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