Billie Jean

If you are allergic to dirty barnyard funk, if you find my Pinot reviews troubling, or if you haven’t enjoyed some of Italy’s fun little pocket-appellations with their crazy-expressive dictums of blood running into the mouth, sweat running into the eyes, wet saddle and curry comb and weed-stem, then keep scrolling. You will HATE this wine. This ranks right up there with the Tenerife I had earlier this week in terms of straight-up initial funk. Once you get past that, it’s all beautiful peach-pit, petrichor, and flower petals.

Beautiful thin light crispness on the tongue, balanced acidity, and all that funk comes back to haunt the finish. Watermelon Jolly Rancher, the bite of bitter herb, and easy tannins make this something you just KEEP finding new things in. One of the best $23 I ever spent in my life.

2016 GROSJEAN Petit Rouge Torrette Vallee d’ Aoste Italy 13.0

Grosjean wine at Rosenthal

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