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Found this on pretty deep discount today (20$) and being a 60/40 Médoc and a vintage I think was 94 or 95, I swooped in for the steal. Well, it’s not one. Fairly rank on opening, but a vigorous decant fluffed the fruit considerably and rounded some of the rough edges. Dried dessert, plum and sawdust in the nose, a lil alcohol burn and a meaty, weiner-water flaccidness. Heading into 45 mins of air, nice licorice and mint pulling into the back parking lot, and dealing warm ziplocks of cooked-down Fanta out of a van with expired tags.

I want to be a patient as possible with this wine, as you can imagine. If I decide to go back and rescue some of his brothers, I wouldn’t touch them for a half-decade. It’s just not a very compelling nose, dark-fruited and gloomy.

In the mouth, solid ripe burnt cherry, a nice orange-zest of acid, a watery break late-mid while fairly slow-building tannins start their waltz–accompanied by a Tide-pod tinny metallic. Over-all, the whole mouthfeel is kinda like sucking on a wet log. Don’t see much promise here.

2015 CHATEAU PRIEURÉ de BLAIGNAN cab/ME Médoc Bordeaux France 13.0

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