Coteaux Fahrenheit

Clear pink brilliance right out to the edge. Nose raspingy raw potato fresh from black earth, muddy dog park and far away eucalyptus grove dripping in coastal fog. A fruit element pokes around underneath, popping up to say HI here and there among the funky, beautiful, raw, bright, ALIVE bouquet engorged on spit and sweat and green stemmy vibrancy.

Thin in the mouth, but not necessarily meager. Cool mineral-tinged cherry on entry, slowly gaining concentration and cherry as the edgy antique house wood and wool smells meander about. Finish is wheel-barrows and wheel-barrows of fresh produce, thin guava, shrill kiwi, and alpine strawberry.

This wine is not blonde ringlet bolt-on supermodel gorgeous, but it makes up for it in tomboy rough & tumble stringy brunette ways with an easy smile and sharper wit and an absolute allergy for bullshit and will tell you. A stellar coffee-ground sort of dark cherry writhes all the way through the screaming acidity and vegetal, making damn-sexy ticklings all over the back of my neck.

2016 DOMAINE DES ROUGE QUEUES ‘Celsius’ Gamay Coteaux Burguignons Sampigny-Lès-Maranges Burgundy 12.0

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