Not Withering A Bit

Dug around in my cellar a little bit to quench the burn of my face melting off from tasting Paso Robles and after pawing through a bunch of Santa Barbara struck upon this little Sierra Foothill gem. I love this guy’s wine so much, they’re so clean and straightforward and brilliantly nuanced and just flat-out yummy without being overblown and certainly not alcoholic.

Big floral on this really starting to hit its stride but it’s got years to go. A little alcoholic burn on the nose but tempered with incredible earth, great woody influences and the deepest darkest richest black cherry you ever did done had.

In the mouth–God I could smell this wine forever but I need to taste it, it’s just I keep stopping at my nose and I never get any further–In the mouth 7UP sweet lean citrus. Balanced crisp fruit soft and plump and beautiful and exploding in all directions. Sweet cinnamon toast crunch peat and potting soil bring tears to your eyes. Nice bitter dryness coming in on the end honing the fruit to super smooth and still that nose…

Just a flat-out gorgeous GSM.

2014 WITHERS WINERY SY/MV/GR 85/12/3 El Dorado Sierra Foothills 13.5

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