Chalone is an Island

Betcha didn’t see THAT one comin! Grenache from Chalone??? They only make 9 barrels of this. Big sweaty richness in the nose. BIG dessert. BIG grenache nose–like almost Paso big–NOT one of the delicate little dark-pink things that I drink on a regular basis. Massive candy-cane vanilla initial blows off to expose a more traditional under-brushy green olive, highlighted by a touch of alcohol and bright steel shavings. Gobs of golden-delicious fruit–glazed and grilled on shish kabob sticks with bell pepper, onion, and lamb.

This isn’t wine101 so I’m not going to tell you about Chalone’s uniqueness. If you don’t know, spend 5 minutes and Google that stuff. Note the vineyard is the appellation, and visa-versa. That doesn’t happen too many times in California.

In the mouth, a LOT brighter than I expected. I have to be honest I somewhat had Paso or Ballard Canyon expectations after the color and nose, but this thing is brilliant-bright and not over-wrought in the slightest. Hi-C powder bites through the rich cherry and dull briar and tannins make themselves known promptly. Tobacco-green-tea and TEXTBOOK vegetal make little swirls in the rich fruit surface.
This is a STUNNING Grenache, and worth a special search. Good luck.

2013 CHALONE VINEYARD Grenache Chalone AVA Montereywines 14.5

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