Trust In Gamay

Brilliant, beautiful nectar. I know of way too many people who turn their noses up at Cru-bojo who would flip over this. That is not to say it is a big fat CA wine, it doesn’t smell or taste like ANY of that *completely*. Very mild nose, shut-in, almost. A little soggy plum, a little tinny edge, a little bologna, but no crazy green metallic earth, no chalky funk, no tomato plant that turns some people off. It smells, well, very ripe and round.

In the mouth, big fruity gorgeousness, round and more ripeness–not FWD at all–more CA-comparisons coming! Dark and brooding entry and middle, but the carbonic shines through and just a touch of beautiful used oak alongside what I’m guessing is concrete. Towards the middle back, some dry beautiful chalk comes screaming forward, coating everything and begging for another rinse.

I like this wine a lot. It’s a little hazy, I’m sure it is QUITE “Natural”, but everything works in its favor. A tiny weird awkward burn in the far far finish, but it’s probably not alcohol, just gamay’s idea of structure. Still, I’m guessing a fat 13-5, which no doubt contributes to the lush dessert in the entry, and ALL that dark fruit.

Seriously, find some of this, sic in on your most stubborn beaujolais-hater and sit back and giggle while they try to tell you it’s Russian River Valley.

2016 PIERRE COTTON Gamay Brouilly Cote de Brouilly Beaujolais France 13.5

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