Model T

Staining dark ruby, cake batter, an oblique manila envelope and rubberband, the smell if an un-named drink I make my girlfriend with creme de cassis and Aperol, perhaps around a firepit, warm socks glowing. Big Zinfandel fruit also in the nose, the kind of north-valley Zinfandel fruit I LIKE, although some hardcores complain it is too cab-like. I like it like this!

You can have your fat candy flab-monsters dripping sticky vodka on everything within splatter-range, and I will take my tight, subdued, elegant and un-slutty versions. Don’t get me wrong: it’s still ALL ZINFANDEL–there is no mistaking–glorious and brash and free-spirited and nowhere NEAR lean. It’s 15-2 fer chrissakes, so don’t call it shy.

In the mouth, the kind of fruit that keeps you coming back to Zin year after year. Big dried fruit, cherry and more of that cake, nary a touch of prune, dense, chewy middle of teeth-wiping intensity. Everything goes seamlessly into the funnel of finish: fruit goes biting, earth goes tannic, perceived sweetness goes long vanilla dessert.

Nicely done. Very nicely done.

2016 T-VINE Zinfandel Frediani Vineyard Calistoga Napa Valley 15.2

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