California Neb???

A ridiculous golden garnet crams almond butter and prickly-pear jelly into your nose. This thing is lighter than Paso Rosé!!! Ultra-ripe peach and nectarine bring a funky mint ZANG with them, a peppery sort of saline fruit stew, an intriguing bouquet unlike anything you are probably used to, one that toys with floral one moment, sulphur and salt water taffy another, flirts with oxidation, but throughout, big meaty bricks of peat.

This wine is not for everyone. I know many people it would confuse and annoy. I, myself, am a little thrown here and there by what it is trying to tell me–and where.

In the mouth, a see-saw of bright acid and raspy fruit create more startling juxtapositions–especially against the shockingly light color. Well-suited for serious contemplation more than light quaffing, it has a graphite bearing about it, but minerality and tannin are kept to a minimum, with only a little hot scrape with the law holding down the finish, where the Sierra strawberry and Kiwi are still going strong.

If you have an open mind to interesting varieties and want to break into exciting interpretations of delicate tongue-bombs that make you re-think literally EVERYTHING you have drank this week, fine some of this and report back.

2016 TERRAGENA VINEYARDS Nebbiolo Humbolt County 12.7

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