Kiss Me California

Transparent garnet, with the expected amount of wide amber at the edge. Smoky, pruny, deep raisin burnt liqueur make the nose a dessert-situation with heady alcohol and plenty of warm tropical fruits mashed into a smoothie housed in burlap and oilcloth.

For those of you who read regularly, this is not the first California Nebb to float across my desk recently. One was weird, and one was rather old and weird, so quite looking forward to this tie-breaker. Even now, the nose has breathed out to a ridiculously unsettling and one-dimensional candied fruit, a condensation of sweet Jolly Rancher so simplified and from which I need MORE.

In the mouth, now wait a minute. I actually like drinking this wine. All the rasp and bite of the nose has accelerated and magnified itself into a biting melange of fruit and spice and briar your mouth reels from all the inputs. The fruitiness is toned down to manageable levels with generous side-helpings of dryness. A beautifully bitter edge massages the petrol and candied fruit into a vibrant mouthfeel. Tannin sharp and green assist in dispersing the sweet finish.

Well, not a tie-breaker for sure, not a completely converting example, but I am warming up to CA Nebb. Certainly NOT an impetus for insisting California STOP trying to make nebb. This is Glenrose, same as the Pax. I just don’t see how Nebbiolo could ever be considered the KING OF GRAPES in California. Everybody says it’s the dirt and rocks. I am going to continue my CA Nebb research. I have a couple more up my sleeve.

2014 PER CASO Nebbiolo Glenrose vyd Adelaida District Paso Robles California 14.8


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