Organic Beauty

Sorry so late, but I’m working down in the office/cellar cranking out some bids and bills so I can fund this wine problem and keep all of you happy. This stupid little cork-caked darling came from one of my best friends Blake Brown from his last trip to SCM. I’ve never seen a diam soaked so far in and it shed crystals all over my paperwork and I had to dig them out of the neck of the bottle with my pinkie and nom. Raise your hand if you’ve ever pulled THAT move.

Just barely starting to show a little brick, still deep ruby just toying with garnet at the edges, massive tertiary as you could expect: leather and vanilla and tobacco and beautiful rose petals, velvet theater seats and the memory of the leaf piles we used to burn in the street and the hot vinyl car benches we sat in without a seatbelt and the freshly re-finished basketball floors we played on before the world became a safer place to live and we had to mold test buildings and slap on allergy patches and millennials had to face their insecurities daily. This wine doesn’t smell like Ritalin. It smells like sex and love and life and cool wet mountains dripping things you only understand when you read great poetry.

In the mouth a white pepper distinctness calms all of the mineral and petrichor. Fruit is bruised and swollen, but there’s no question it will survive. It’s powerful, it’s got acid on its side, and it’s playing hard to get but it’s all there: beautiful crisp and blackberry-ridden ride down to where the warm leather tannins attempt their coup.

I mean sure: this thing’s probably drinking at about peak. I suppose a true fan could squeeze maybe another five years out of it but listen what are you going to be? You’re going to be an old man sitting in a room full of wines you should have drank 10 years ago. Don’t be that guy. I’m going to be that guy, but don’t be that guy.

Santa Cruz mountains has a bunch of little stuff tucked away up in there that most of you have never heard of. Ridge and Bonny Doon sure, whatever. There’s a bunch of good stuff up in those hills. And, it’s a great place to visit! Just promise me you won’t eat at Soif.

2002 ANDERSEN WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains 12.8

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