Alder Drinking

Bright ruby with just a touch of ruddiness at the thin clear edge. Massive soil and fruit blow out of it, a beautiful sanguine berry, and citrus earthy cola. There was a stage of alcohol, but it passed nicely, leaving me with gobs and gobs of black goodness, grimy, sticky fruit, a healthy dose of dank barnyard oozing in underneath sharp mineral razors. Pretty flower petals drift gently in, mingling with the funk. I can’t wait to taste this thing. A heavy decant is in order. It needs it. I don’t decant a lot of Syrahs, but this one is a definite candidate.

See, we all know some kosher wines. I’m not going to mention any brands, but if you came up through wine in the 80’s and 90’s, you know who they are. There were a handful, and they were BAD wines. Seriously bad. I did a poll recently among my fairly heavy-wine-people on Facebook and almost 60% responded if they saw “Kosher” on a label they would have negative predispositions about the wine and a good third said the flat-out wouldn’t buy it. So when I heard of this brand making primo Rhones from some of the best vineyards in California, a solid wine-making team and a positive marketing dynamic, I jumped all over it. There’s no logical reason kosher wine can’t be good.

In the mouth, thin refreshing fruit greets the tongue. It takes a slight pause and then unleashes a fury of decadent Syrah all over your mouth. Deep sweet curls of black cherry curve around under the acid and alcohol, and more of that perfectly muddy cola crashes over the middle, parting the red sea of bite and beauty. A powerful mineral astringency akin to age and terroir introduces the extremely manageable tannins–a bitter pill with a sweet coating.

This is a gorgeous Syrah. Alcohol pops up now and again, I’m going to guess 14-7–which is not super hi, but there are areas where it doesn’t wear it well. Then it goes away. Then it comes back. The way this thing opens up though… I’ve only been into it an hour and I’m learning new things constantly.

2015 SHIRAH WINE CO. Syrah/Viognier 94/6 Alder Springs Mendocino County 14.5

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