Rhone Cuttings

Got that signature warm upholstery, electrical fire, dirty toastiness of most SA Shiraz that make it to the United States. Other than that, it’s a very solid wine, like, thin crisp good acidity, nice tannin–chalky and dry and almost St Joseph-ey with that beautiful little kiss of sweet fruit clinging on for dear life through the entire tumultuous experience.

This thing HAS to be way below 14-0. Could it be below 13??? I mean this stuff is lean and nice! And other than that little South African crispiness that blows off fairly readily in the nose there’s no flab on this thing anywhere and for less than 20 bucks at Whole Foods I’m rather stunned. I’ve had the Chenin Blanc a million times and of course love it but this is my first trip around the trailer park with the rouge.

I realize this is not 100% Syrah but this is SCREAMING northern Rhone. Nice barnyard funk late in the nose, a little bit of garnet in the glass troubles me a little bit for a wine this young but hey I’m not going to get all bogged down on it. Its got nice wide clear edges tinted pink and a hearty ruby core, completely transparent.

Entry is this shockingly acidic raspy fruit situation: thin pie cherry and Granny Smith. Full mouthfeel over the middle but still screeching its nails on the walls all the way through even though the fruit in the middle warms up to fabulous nectarine and cherry.

I’m going to go with 13-1 and less than 1/4 Grenache. And that’s my final answer. Find yourself some of this wine. I mean it’s just a stupid no brainer.

2016 A. A. BADENHORST FAMILY WINES *Secateurs* SY/Cinsault/GR 56/22/21 13.0


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