Old Goat

Deep bourbon-ey caramel golden with slight turbidity. A little sharpness to the toasted almond and pee-stain. Apricot preserves and dried spit make beautiful little bed-buddies at 60°, and down at 50° they coalesce into petrol, fresh bread, and super-ripe melon.

The winemaker most likely did not design this for consumption at 6 years. You’re probably not supposed to keep natural wine grenache blanc around for that long. But why not? I think it’s lovely. I doubt if this is completely sans soufre, but knowing D&G, it is pretty minimal. This wine is beautiful to drink, WAY better than some chards I’ve had at this age. Blind, I’d probably say it was Riesling. All that mineralific dry smut on the finish would seal the deal, and it it pretty lean through the front half–and the age is obvious. I would also bet the alcohol level has aided in it showing so well today. I know I rant about hi-alc, but alcohol’s a funny thing that way.

In the mouth, dull spice and all that toasted almond noses through like vintage Champagne. Fruit is not young and vibrant, but serious and restrained, calmly putting a sugary twist on acids which put a sharp ache on the middle and bring citrus zest into a finish of bitter tannin.

Love this winery. I’m sad they are using #influencer to sell their wine, but I guess we just need to get used to that in 2019.

2012 DONKEY & GOAT Grenache Blanc El Dorado Sierra Foothills California 13.1


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