Impenetrable black with rosy purple edges and definite tartarate. Big smokey ripe vanilla and black cherry in the nose, heavy mint and fat slabs of chocolate, anise, nutmeg, any of a plethora of spices you can imagine or throw at it. Decadent and intensely lush, all dark polish and concentrated plum, pomegranate, and even the rasp of persimmon.

Who doesn’t love Tannat? I seek these things out like Carignane and Petite Sirah. This thing is definitely young, but is grafted so lush, so decadent, it is also definitely a #drinkemyoung candidate. Nearly nasal-clogging in its fragrance, I find myself hoping it thins out a bit in the mouth, or it is going to be one HUGE edifice to ripeness.

On entry, it seriously plays a different tune than the nose. Clean, crisp and sharp, it only progresses in the latter until a shriek of acid and green fruit has taken over all your tasting organs. A briary chunk of grapefruit minerality and earth are distinctly visible among the explosions, and they transform to perfect drying tannins and a bit of burn in the finish of pubescent fruit.

Three barrels of this is all there is, folks. I have followed this tiny producer since even BEFORE they purchased this head-trained property in Kiler Canyon in the Templeton Gap area of Paso Robles adjacent Willow Creek. French winemaker. No pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. I’ve watched the progress from trepidatious early blends to a full line-up of of proud single-varieties. I’ve tasted them dozens of times, and I’ve anticipated their freshman blog entry for many years. Here it is. Some places are just doing everything right.

2015 SEVEN OXEN ESTATE Tannat Templeton Gap Paso Robles 13.8


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