When All The Saints

This wine smells like California. This is like STUPIDLY beautiful Zinfandel. First of all, it just REEKS of California, from the moment the cork pops the room is filled with all the fruit and wood and fire and beauty that just screams California and yes I realize California is not a smell and also this is not even a California wine. I also realize Zinfandel is a huge moving target–even for me kinda, but as wishy-washy as I may sound on the variety at times, there’s a couple things it MUST have. It must smell like Zinfandel. It must TASTE like Zinfandel. After that, the slate is blank what you want to do with it, although there are obviously a few styles I will bash you hard for.

This is beautiful stuff, gorgeous rosy ruby, clear with wide clear edges. Rosy also in the nose, Gobs of floral and plump berry and plum, a deep blast of cola–muddy and caramel-ridden–impossible to ignore. Not a trace of alcohol, just gobs of deep fruit riding on a briar magic carpet.

Have you read Sullivan’s Zinfandel yet?

In the mouth, more gorgeousness, as the rich entry rasps about on chalky bearings while spewing raspberry in all directions. Rich and dense, not a bit slutty or over-ripe or flabby or pruney and alcoholic or ANY of the ills which have become almost de rigueur in SOME shape or form with California zin, the bold structure and a little barnyard (typically I will talk about barnyard in the nose: here is a switch) gradually overcome the fruit in the long rich finish which ends on a completely dry note.

This wine is available quite easily in California and I BEG anyone with even a modicum of interest in Zinfandel to get just one bottle and taste this for yourself. This is EXACTLY–I mean: TO THE LETTER–what Zinfandel is supposed to be like.

2015 SAINT HILLS WINERY/ST. ROKO Plavac Mali Dalmatia Croatia 13.5


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