Turn and face the strange Ch-Ch-Changes

Do you think this is fair? Fun to taste side-by-side though, that’s for sure. A 1er from Last Bottle Wines and a Dutton Ranch from Donald Patz showing their individual styles quite obviously. The Chablis green and welcoming and smokily latex while subdued and the Russian River Valley advertising its oak and malo decadence brashly, both nearly identical in color (sorry, Wine Folly: that pictogram you posted 2 days ago showing CA chard as brown just flat-out WRONG).

12-5 and 14-oh respectively, the Maritana Vineyards viscous and sticky, pumping ripe melon and banana into your face and the Domaine Besson showing a thinner, but still rambunctious set of lush tropical and floral.

The over/under on this remains the same and proves nothing: I adore both styles and I drank them both with beef tenderloin seared in butter and herbs de Provence with polenta. Red meat with white wine? DUH. Each of these has the chops to support it.

2015 DOMAINE ADRIEN BESSON Chardonnay Montmains 1er Chablis France 12.5

2017 MARITANA VINYARDS Chardonnay Shop Block 1967 Dutton Ranch Russian River Valley Sonoma 14.0

Domaine Besson

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