Adelaida Peninsula

Black burgundy and glass-staining with thin bright-pink edges. Big rosy burnt-blood nose ridiculously concentrated, dense and caking with all the visions of black cherry, cola, cassis and blackberry imaginable, all wrapped around conflicting images of sharp brittle mineral and dull curvy cellar.

If this is Tempranillo- or Garnacha-based, it is the most lavish, decadent, other-worldly version of those varieties you have ever had. It’s got a little bit of polish on it, and I feel like this is pretty close to a current release for them, and going into 7 years, it is full of youthful vigor–despite its massive first impression–and doesn’t taste at ALL like most of the Paso wines I experience at 7.

In the mouth, more ridiculous berry. Just gobs and gobs of succulent fruit, pomegranate and cranberry and elderberry syrup and the screech of sandpaper on rusty metal and the butter & basil of a thousand escargots wooing you to lavender fields and baked clay. The finish brings the sharpness full-circle–a giant slash of tannin rends the screen–AGAIN convincing you this is NOT a wine with a bunch of bottle-age on it, but a fresh release. Glycerine follows the wine out, going tête-à-tête with the untamed tannins and acid and LOSING.

This wine is like dessert. This wine is a MEAL. It is definitely ripe, but I don’t think it stupidly-hi alcohol. I’m going to guess 14-9 and oh boy is this a complex little thang–and extremely popular with a WIDE demographic.

2012 PER CASO CELLARS ‘Iberian Blend’ Touriga Nacional/Tinto Cão/Souzão 63/29/8 Glenrose Adelaida District Paso Robles California 14.6

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