Carneros Queen

Hard candy lollipop initial in a bright transparent ruby wine with slightly amber edges. Stemmy and herbaceous in the nose with heavy eucalyptus, dusty rose and wet gravel.

This is far and away the oddest Carneros I’ve had and is just a strange pinot all the way through. It lacks typicity, is disjointed, not varietally correct, and the winemaker in me is fumbling around in the flaw bucket. With all that said, it’s actually NOT a horrible drinker. I just can’t find a place in my vocabulary for it and its oddity borderlines dangerously on unpleasant, a sensation some natural winemakers relish in (Mattew Rorick, Phillip Hart, Alison Thomson), while many strive against this situation (Ian Brand, Chad Hinds, Jared Brandt, Deux Punx).

Thin calm fruit for a second on the palate, growing in richness–definitely ripe, cloying even–rosy and comfortable, before an acidic streak swells from the rear and re-attacks with a sharpness part heat/part seemingly spritz. No tannin, just a syrupy finish.

2017 TERRAGENA VINEYARD Pinot Noir Carneros Sonoma 13.5

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