Mendo St. Joe

Impenetrable ruby, a rim of clear lined with blue for the rosy purple glow. Dense vegetation on the nose, lush green forest growth and fat grass-stains on wet denim. Nasal-clearing sharpness–not alcohol but mineral–hang mint and smoke heavily over sagging close-lines draped in fog. Meaty-sweet late-breathe, a concentration of cola and anise attempt to pry the peppermint from the cherry’s grasp. Every fresh swirl rejuvenates the funk and briar, but thankfully also that sharp green.

In the mouth, meatiness again weighs into the entry, forming the concentrated fruit into prickly compactness but objectifying every curve. Almost syrupy sensationally in its density, it remains clear and calm, bright and uplifting, fruit ridiculously light on its feet despite the tomes of pressure this thing lays down. Tannin graciously gives you until shortly after center to contemplate lush-life, before not-so-gently directing everyone for the exits. But wait. That’s where the fruit really shines, and I’ve often said the true test of a stupidly young wine–and this might as well be a barrel sample–is the fruit in the FINISH. In this case, it doesn’t back down at bit to all the snarls and menace of the structure, half of your mouth ferociously sandpapering out and the other half bathed in luscious broth. Then they trade sides.

Hot on the heels of Donalt Patz’s and Francois Villard’s beautiful white Rhone collab comes 5 barrels of this much-anticipated Alder Springs Syrah. I’m not sure this is released yet, hit the link below to find out and be sure and follow all THREE of Dr. Pinot’s retirement projects: Secret Door BDX’s, Maritana Burgs, and Terminim Rhones.

2017 TERMINIM Syrah Alder Springs Mendocino California 14.0

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