World’s Fastest Norton

A battered and torn cellar soldier–my last of this batch–comes out to play on Friday night and redeemed itself right off the dance-floor with rich, pink-tinged ruby–not a trace of brick anywhere–voluminous nose mired in earth. Lavender and olive oil nibble softly on your nape while a bit of barnyard funk and a shit-ton of black cherry cradle the small of your back.

Knowing this was the last of a quite-cheap wine I’m certain I bought on deep discount, I passed over it many times the past year in the cellar, assuming it *gone*. Previous experiences with its 11 brothers and sisters did NOT show a wine nearly this beautiful. But this thing is SINGIN.

In the mouth, clean and direct, like someone asking for permission and not waiting for an answer–just straight into your mouth, enveloping everything in a speech-taking wall of euphoria you had rehearsed being awkward. Nothing’s fading here, and the youthful charm and paralytic bold and sexy attitude cause an eyes-wide-open step back to adjust your clothes. Shockingly little tertiary, a bit of polish around the steely rusty middle but rife with acid and the most charming fruit you’ve had in some time. Finish a toe-curling magic carpet of blissful tannin and still-fresh edge driving FAR into the night.

2009 BODEGA NORTON Malbec Reserva Argentina 14.5

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