The Bold Look

Deep garnet with heavy amber edges. Bretty tertiary initial nose, looking hard for fruit behind shrill vegetal asparagus and bok choi. Don’t let that fool you though, this thing’s got tons of fruit, a deep red slather of it in the nose and solidified in the mouth. It’s fading though, at 10 there is no doubt about it, and I fear for the 4 sisters alongside it I just found in the cellar. Come HALP me drink it???

A gorgeous wine–don’t get me wrong and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t have bought it if I did not feel its certainty years ago–probably just about at peak right now. If you invite me to any wine event involving bottles in the next 6 months, expect to see this bottle among the others. Beautiful and light; going into summer I can see this servicing WELL the next few months. 50/26/20/4 sangio/GR/cab/CF for the interesting oddball blend, but I’m diggin this super tuscan interp+grenache. Do they do that anywhere in Italy?

Koehler is right there on the Foxen Canyon wine trail at the Los Olivos end: you’ve gone by it a million times–have you driven up the driveway and visited? I have 2 or 3 times and it never disappoints. The wines aren’t cheap, but well done. I could drink this all night long. Oh wait: I AM gonna drink this all night long.

2009 KOEHLER ‘Quartette’ Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara 14.5

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