Two Opposed

I’m drinking 2 wines tonight, whadaya gonna do? The Croatian posip dutifully melding all of the areas between sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay. Spicy and uric, acidic and well nuanced with a little neutral oak. Deep yellow headed into amber and notes of that come through in the nose too, with a nice butterscotch sort of reduction to it.

The Grenachista’s Mathis Vineyard pumps a deep ruby in the glass headed out into wide clear edges with a touch of garnet. Meaty–by that I mean raw meat–sagebrush and intense floral play with a fairly serious chunk of alcohol apparent in the nose. Green graphite and cedar just border-lining on eucalyptus make for grenache wet dreams.

In the mouth, the Posip again confuses the boundaries of white wine normalities in California. Rich and round with a streak of apple tartness. Blind I think I’d probably say Petit Chablis and be miserably wrong. A long nutty rich finish with more cellar floor makes you smell it again, and still all that quince and cantaloupe is still there. This is a ridiculously amazing white wine–I’m frankly blown away.

The Graybehl is a pretty chubby Grenache, and he makes several. Is this the richest and roundest of them all? I decanted this thing heavily, not something I’m typically do for a Grenache but this was just so tight and closed in and I felt it had the potential for being quite large and I wanted to extract all of its softness. In the mouth, a blistering rendition of scales and arpeggios up and down the full spectrum of fruit and spice, but settling on a ridiculously tannic late-midsection which wrestles defiantly with the fruit for domination. Fat cherry fruit is cut short by the frankness of the structure. This is a bruiser.

2017 STINA WINERY Posip Dalmatia Croatia 13.0

2015 C.R. GRAYBEHL Grenache Mathis Vineyard Sonoma 14.6

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