Let’s be franc.

An intense medium ruby psychologically navy in its glow. Incredible funk rises out of it: warm carpet and Middle-eastern train-ride; a walnut-shell beachscape bordered with battered tufts of drying grass. Blackstrap pan-scrapings of poached currant and elderberry make themselves known alongside flinty soggy-citrus minerality, granting a sharp edge of brilliance to the roiling barnyard.

Oh dear Dog there are lots of kinds of wines I would want to smell forever, and Cab Franc like this are easily in the Top-5. WHERE is this wine from? Hold on–I gotta go check the label. Sonoma Valley. Huh. Kinda didn’t see that one coming. These guys are famous for sourcing fruit from the far corners of California–some of it quite out-of-the-way or re-experiencing a popularity surge, but hey: I’m OK with Sonoma. I LOVE Sonoma.

In the mouth, it is EXACTLY the wine I want to drink. See? People always complain I don’t say *clearly* if I like the wine or not, so here ya go: I’ll take it one step further than simply saying I like a wine. This is exactly the wine I want to drink right now. I know within a couple seconds. It’s literally a perfect wine.

Bright clean cranberry washes coolly over the tongue, splashing its way through entry and attack. Ridiculous ripeness, orange marmalade and tomato fuzz give way to shocking persimmon grip, where muddy funk re-visits to cast a ruddy glow on the rusty nail you’re picking your teeth with. I don’t think I have ever had something in my mouth so miserably tannic and so delicately sweet at the same time. It shoves you over a cliff of sheer granite, propelling you to certain death on cushions of downy rose-petal sugar-plums.

I’m calling it right now: This is going to be my 2019 WOTY. How ya like that? What month is this, May? Print it.

2017 DEUX PUNX Cabernet Franc Sonoma Valley 13.3


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