Last of the Mohicans


Ridiculous light garnet with wide clear edges. Gobs and gobs of match-head, asparagus, black walnut sawdust and that caramel cherry green pinched-bug that sets Burgundy–and Oregon–apart from 99% of California Pinot.

Do you know where Steiner Creek is??? Oh ya: WAY up above Cambria on those windswept shores alongside names like Derbyshire and Stolo. Cold, cold stuff.

In the mouth, far richer and creamier, but more green bitter stem impedes gloriously upon the ripe fruit which runs dirty violet and burnt cherry all the way through nutty linen and strawberry. This is the lightest, most garnet, tannic and green-briar Burg-style Pinot you will find in miles and miles of “Burg-styled Pinot”–something which almost ALWAYS is fake news. But this is the real dealio.

Steiner is my favorite wine from Presquile, and 2017 is the LAST year they made this, so I recommend snapping up some of the 16’s and 17’s. An absolutely stunning pinot clocking in at 12-9 and like NOTHING you will taste from CA. Ever.

2015 PRESQUILE WINERY Pinot Noir Steiner Creek San Luis Obispo Co 12.9

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