Black Mixer

Operative word here seems to be black. Impenetrable dark staining stuff, heady on the nose of ridiculously concentrated black berry, dough and alcohol. Wait. There’s no alcohol in blackberry pie. My bad. Soooo much dark black fruit though. Fairly sharp-edged mineral and earthy edge shines through all the sultry crushed velvet, smashed insect-ready tropical, coffee grounds and licorice served on an oiled cedar plank.

I don’t know what’s in this. Knowing this winery, one would *think* a fair chunk of Zinfandel but then after that? Lots of possibilities… biggest question for me is: is there cab in it? Once I get past the Cab part, the rest matters less and less. Syrah? Carignane? Neb? Malbec? PS? I’m gonna go PS, Zin, Carignane. That’s my final answer. I don’t think there’s any BDX varieties in this. Under 5% at least. This is all rocky, plummy fruit, dense, with rustic elegance. I also think this thing is WELL over 15-oh. Dare I guess? I mean: you have to factor what they will put on a label against common sense and 15-2 is about the upper limit in those regards. But I think it is higher. I’m gonna say this thing is a flat 16-oh.

In the mouth, more robusticy. Sweet and massive, this has to be the most popular wine they sell. The gobs of jammy fruit just go on and on, but underneath it a spicy glow–Petite Sirah is that you, darling?–melds all the bright elevations and deep devotions together. Are there tannins in this wine? Yes. There are. They are quite tucked in under downy curls of fruit, but their chins and cheeks stick out begging for kisses.

This is teeth-staining, mouth-wiping stuff and I’m not sure my glasses will ever be clear again.

2016 T-VINE WINERY ‘Mixed Blacks’ Napa Valley 15.9

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