Nice long lunch with Casey Graybehl today, shootin the shit about wine and everything in general, and these two babies–and I mean BABIES–jumped out at me. I’ve had all of THE GRENACHISTA’s more seriouser grenaches, and these two little charmers are not necessarily all fun and games. Plus they work nicely together. They are both 2018’s, which seems IMPOSSIBRU to me, but here we are. I actually drank a 2018 Ribera del Deuro today also which stated “4 months in oak” and this is the middle of June, so do the math on that.

Grenache Blanc bottled WEDNESDAY, so a little closed in, teensy sulfur on nose, otherwise beautiful ripe & bready white peach, crenshaw and maybe even a touch of lychee semi-tropical. Way down in side, a bit of tobacco or maybe tea expresses itself, sophisticating the tight–but already elegant–fruit. In the mouth, light and bright, tense and poised, needing time to sit in its room and think about the things it’s done for a few months. Grab some of this on release, the P-P’s are amazing on these wines and this will blossom into a pale yellow beauty.

Carbonic Noir a whole ‘nother story. Drinking perfectly–as it was designed to do–smoky, gritty, strawberry, ripe and dripping with hi-proof fruit. Machinations of wet granite and volcano defy the CARBONIC KILLS TERROIR mantra. Unassumingly complex in the nose, it merely *exists* for the exact reason almost all carbonic wines exist: for early fresh enjoyment. But this one isn’t exactly shallow. In the mouth, bitter grainy green and a rasher of tannin play tug-of-war with pretty–rather 3-dimensional–fruit. The brilliance is in the middle, where everything swells to honeymoon proportions slightly after–and a bit before–recklessness and age intervene. Quaff these all summer. Add an ice cube. Screw the snobs.

2018 THE GRENACHISTA Grenache Blanc Mounts VYD DCV Sonoma 13.8
2018 THE GRENACHISTA Grenache Mathis VYD Sonoma Valley 14.1

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