Gigio wid it

Bright staining ruby, out to a minuscule pink rim. THE best perfume rises outa this thing. Deep candied cherry. A little greasy asphalt. Robitussin and Necco Wafers swaddled in root-beer foam and a cheery orange kumquat garnish. Don’t let the blushed cheeks give you the idea this is a light and rosy wine–it is serious stuff that means business–see-sawing between fresh swirls from fruit & flower to deep and brooding.

There is no deep and brooding on the tongue. Ridiculous sharp cherry delivers bitter, savory and sweet with pin-point precision to all the right receptors. Light on its feet while absolutely jam-packed with Sangiovese vibrancy, it brings–again, as ALWAYS is the case with this label–new deliberate interpretations of the variety balanced squarely between old-world devotions and new world miracles.

The hardest part is always deciding which of their 4 Sangio’s to fall in love with. Oh, and these are imported EASILY into the United States now with their own in-house distributor in WA. So there’s literally no excuse anymore to not step your Tuscany game up to these gorgeous wines.

2015 POGGIO LA NOCE ‘Gigio’ IGT Sangiovese/Colorino 80/20 Tuscany Italy 14.0

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