501’s, cowboy boots and zinfandel, America, FUCK YEAH!

Rich with classic jam and cake batter, slippery with olive oil and alive with Mediterranean herbs. Not even the slightest bit hot, prune held off for now, but supple supple tannins make this NOT the Lytton Springs I have experienced before. You DO know I was tasting Ridge in a trailer while they were STILL pouring Lytton Springs Winery there, RIGHT?

The other thing I like about Ridge is how their pricing has NOT kept up. 25 years ago we were paying 27-28-32 dollars for these things and they’re STILL 35 bucks. Can’t beat that with a stick.  Monte Bello has not exactly stayed super-cheap in the same period of time, and the Estate Cab has crept up too–but STILL remains one of the best values in “second-label” cab out there–IF YOU CAN FIND IT.

Here’s another 13 that I’m kinda making a mono-brow at. VINTAGE OF THE DECADE, and I’m startin to believe that phrase (1997… 2004… 2010…) basically means yummy wine. This thing’s barely 5 and easy as a girl from the 909. Hey, do you see me complaining?

Actually delicate in the mouth, plush on most sides and definitely lower proof than a lot of things “zinfandel” lately. I’m guessin maybe even low 14’s. Lick-her-lollipop cherry and a shard of acid splits the night, while more herbaceous forest undergrowth churns on and on hippily toward the peppery finish. You’re gonna have a good time with this one, I’m George Zimmer, and I guarantee it.

2013 RIDGE VINEYARDS Zinfandel Lytton Springs Dry Creek Valley Sonoma 14.3

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