Whites for Fightin’

Let’s start with the Donnhoff. At only 18 proof and a bit of spritz, I think it’s an easy beginning for these three stunners. Clear light yellow with a little steely nose, *possibly* a touch of KMBS, but fairly austere, pushing forth just a tad of chopped greens and a little fresh sardine on wet concrete. All very tight and not-forthcoming, though.

Oh but then you taste it. HOLY SHIT boys & girls does this thing take off. Brilliant lychee and sweetened strawberries clash perfectly against a mossy brick wall of dirt and grime and buttery nectar. An equally brilliant layer of harshness bites into the finish, telling you all about Riesling.

The Posip is no stranger to this blog. You wanna freak your friends out with a strange white variety which boom-shuffles all manner of seafood and sauce: THIS IS THE THING. Far deeper straw in the glass, with gobs of petrol and buttery popcorn roiling out of the glass. The old world is apparent here, with a little ginger-ale funk laying down the beat the cantaloupe and golden raspberry dance to.

Mouth-filling and chewy. Viscous, almost, but not in a buttery Chard way. I mean–kinda. I could see comparisons made to Chard. But there’s an underscore of peat and rust, smokey and staining and headed off tannic in the finish–a crisp bitter alignment few white wines muster.

The Gewurztraminer carries this producer’s signature gris-rosé glow of this variety–which is easy to understand if you’ve ever seen gewurtz. This isn’t Wine101–go google it. shrill and vegetal in the nose, green apple and cream cheese on a ridiculously clean stream. A little fat melon lurks way down inside, kiwi-tinged, with a powdering of snuff, bacon, and Thompson Seedless.

In the mouth, all your Gewurtz games are back in action. Full, round, leek soup, a hot streak of acid, and a bitter farewell is the outline–with meanderings of fat funk, dull barnyard, and bruised nectarine fuzz getting in the way. No petrol on this one, although the solid layer under its display smacks of asphalt.

Three AMAZING whites. And ALL of them are REALLY easy to find and inexpensive.

2018 WEINHAUS DONHOFF Riesling ‘Oberhauser Liestenberg’ Kabinet Nahe 9.0
2017 STINA Posip Brac Dalmatia Croatia 13.0
2018 UNION SACRE Gewurztraminer Central Coast California 12.8


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