Rock Solid

A most impressive 13YO Syrah from one of my favorite vineyards in California. This thing is not the slightest bit sleepy, lock-stepping robust floral and spice with chocolatey fruit–gobs and gobs of dark fruit–and beautiful tertiary saddle-back and pie.

The rosy glow follows seamlessly onto the tongue, capsizing your sceptical boat, and casting all occupants into a drowning mud-puddle of cherry surf and acidic whirlpools at the base of gurgling bloody falls. Sharp and vibrant mid-on, drying out and thinning the fruit, lightening the footprint, making sure no one goes home with flabby ideas. Actually crisp and delicate in the finish–I know the bling-bro crowd will cast odd looks at that scenario–wonderfully polished bell-pepper tannins motor-boat the handful-sized fruit in the white-pepper glow.

An absolutely GORGEOUS presentation of the variety. This thing is so big–and yet, it’s not. Which is the way I like my Syrahs. And so should you.

2006 GREG LINN WINES Syrah Rim Rock Vineyard Arroyo Grande Valley Nipomo San Luis Obispo County California USA Earth 14.2

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