Hubba Bubba

What the hell is going on with this wine? I can’t figure out what this wine wants to be. Pruny fruity forward weird in the nose, nothing particularly compelling EITHER Carignane OR Syrah, lovely little licorice and cranberry but alongside a heat and sluttiness compounded by what I am assuming meant to be green and edgy.

It’s got a cute little hipster label, it has a name I can barely say with a straight face–of course ALL Paso Robles wines have to have a name–and it’s got a neutral-oak and great provenance component-section which would make you think it just *might* be a lean mean #naturalwine hipster fightin machine. But it’s not. It is frickin RIPE. Heat roils off it and ruins any fantasies you might have had about a fun carignane-syrah blend. Bullshit ankle-deep fruit, cloying and watery, bound by dark leathers and petrols a wine of this age and composition should NEVER be burdened with, a smell and a sniff literally cause a WTF? moment.

Awkward and shallow and unbalanced, while still ripe and flabby, heat curling in mid-palate and sticking around for the duration–despite all the quasi-fresh fruit, this wine literally is the most confusing thing I have put in my mouth in a long time. It has no place, no sense of place, no focus, no anything. It is fake edgy acidic wine with a Paso-tourist-sluttiness at its core.

2017 HUBBA WINES ‘Mushroomhead’ Carignan/SY 69/31 Central Coast 14.5

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