Where is wine like this supposed to be? Especially with horrible provenance? Cork perfect, fairly heavy brick, big vegetable green olive and bacon grease in the quite powerful nose that fills the room with tertiary leather and lust upon pouring.

It’s okay to drink, I mean it really just depends on your tolerance for funky Old World wines with 15 years of sketchy age on them. I’ve had this one young many times and I love it, but it definitely fits into the old world vegetal bretty funky cellar floor barnyard Chianti Classico Riserva mold. Mold. Get it? Mold. Haha.

Pruney fruit backs up the still-prickly entry. Tangy and acid-filled, the prospect of getting blessed by any bright-fruit sensations definitely is boosted by all this wonderful tongue-curling tang. And there IS bright fruit in it–dark cherry tones awash in toffee and a little heat gradually easing themselves down onto the still-erect finish, where pepper and more lemon zest lurk.

Ya know… bottle-funk and all blown off, this is a pretty interesting bottle of wine. I think I’m going to pass on it’s 3 sisters sadly orphaned on the bottom shelf of that liquor store, because the LAST thing I need is a few more bottles at-or-slightly-past peak, and for that I’m sad, because I would love to rescue them but the problem is, they need to be drank TODAY and even then I can think of a lot of people I’ve shared wine with who would not be able to see the magic in this bottle and appreciate it.

2003 CASTELLO DI MONSANTO Sangiovese Chianti Classico Riserva Italy 13.5

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