Vita Verdot

Beautiful staining garnet, big tapenade Kalamata orange blossom, cedar pencil, massive peaty earth and briar pours out of the nose. Tertiary on 11, the leather and crushed movie-seat velvet are smiling tonight on this 18YO rather unusual BDX blend.

Betcha didn’t know Jim Clendenen made Cabernet now didja? These are a really interesting label of his, something that not many people know about but they are all for sale at the tasting salon downtown Santa Barbara and I pick them up now and then when I cruise through. Along with three or four other labels besides ABC you probably haven’t heard of including his Oregon Pinot Noir projects and other items.

Luscious in the mouth, all that gorgeous briar just force-fucks your tongue with strong burnt cherry, rose hip and Maraschino. Supple and strong, the pepper polished away and the Merlot plump and happy in the kitchen, Cab providing the modest middle ground in this situation, pulling both sides of the Bordeaux barrel together.

This is a gorgeous wine. Absolutely perfect. And probably at peak. Perfect provenance. Straight from winery. Order some of these, or stop by and grab one on the way to dinner. Sure the labels not much to look at and you’ll have a lot of explaining to do but isn’t that what wine’s about?

2001 VITA NOVA ‘Acronicus’ PV/cab/ME 34/33/33 Santa Barbara County 13.5

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