Side of Pinot

A gorgeous shade of warm garnet Wine Folly would definitely call “old” and “oxidized”. Empty-lot mowing with the green weeds so high you have to take several starts at a pass to not kill the engine. Dust, rocks, and the heady mist of shredded moist greenery hangs in the air. A ripe curl of cranberry, dragon fruit and licked pencil begs you to taste this little $10 wonder.

Seriously, you gonna walk by a sub-10 dolla burg?!? If you say yes, you’re either lying or we can’t be friends because you’re not a real wine person.

The fruit heads tart dried cherry in the mouth, grappling with a hint of sweetness, wet rust and fierce acidity. Not a bright fruity wine, by far a ripe acidic wine, the two nuances somewhat see-sawing each other from extremes of the spectrum. A solid Pinot *all in* blankets the mid-palate, while it is decidedly crew-bojo entry and finish.

This is a gorgeous little daily drinker with what I am assuming is a fat chunk of Gamay and most likely carbonic, in keeping with Coteaux fashion. It does feel a bit manufactured, with chaptalization and acidification being the primary offenders. Still, it could be merely vintage-factors and vinification méthodes creating this cheapness, and it IS cheap.

I wouldn’t pass on this for NOTHIN. Serious fun stuff.

2014 MAISON NICOLAS POTEL Coteaux Bourguignons Nuits-Saint-Georges Côte-d’Or Burgundy 12.0

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