Toucan Sam

PINOT FROM NAPA?!?! Of course! Haynes Vineyard here and at 6, this is pumping all that glorious aged-pinot goodness in both color, and mouthfeel.

Ruddy garnet with wide clear edges, warm, toasty nose comfortable and nice, sharp little pieces of wood-grain, green tea and banana-peel run alongside pistachio and praline sparkling with carob dust and a tawny patina.

In the mouth, the age is telling wonderful stories about Pinot Noir and the directions it can go if it wants to–maybe asked, probably not. Pink peppercorn fluffs the dense bitter cherry, Bit-O-Honey and peach pit with the gentle oiled hand of thick apple brandy with enough brittle angst and acid to stop short any candy-store gushings. Tannins shine proudly behind touches of burnt rubber and oiled wood, playing prickle on your tongue, half massaging/half whipping your finish.

This is a beautiful wine drinking perfectly for those who appreciate wines like this. Is it at peak? I think it is sitting at about perfect and *might* have another 5 years. It depends on what you like in your Pinot. I already know MANY people who would not appreciate this saline beauty, requiring more zingy fresh fruit or zangy concentrated fruit or lemon-zest PNW or rubber-band snapping burg. God, how many did types of Pinot are there?!?!

This is gorgeous, at 40 bucks it is a bargain and needs to be snapped up. These are easily the most interesting pinots that come across my desk: the ag-ed crispy dense ones. Get it at @tastingmerchants and let me know what you think. (I don’t really need to ask that–you folks are VERY good at telling me every day in my texts & DM’s!)

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