Balancing Act

A ridiculous staining impenetrable shade of fresh thick bloody purple crimson. Holy wow what a color. Muddy rubber boot–and a little of the INSIDE of the boot–climb out, with green herbs, chicken bouillon and an over-shadowing drapery of mineral expanding on things. Tight and dense, so much unfolding and interspersed infusions going on, sharp briar on generous plum and blueberry, and the rasp of wet gravel never lets go. Decanted heavily. I mean–DUH.

I’ve actually been quite slow trying any of the 2016’s from Bordeaux so far. And loyal readers know I am not a rotisserie-geek or vintage-wonk or numbers-guy, but sure, I hear the rumors and glance at the papers and don’t live in a cave (well, it’s a quite well-appointed cave) so therefore it is naturally with a bit of supreme curiosity I delve into these things–not horribly unlike “2013 Napa Cab”–because it 16 is alegedly “the perfect Bordeaux vintage”. *rolls eyes*

Oh wow the fruit on this thing is really ripening up and glazing the top of a fresh sniff with stone-fruit and applesauce, but a fresh swirl churns up all that mineral and earth. In the mouth, everything works together seamlessly, with balance so perfect between components it nearly creates a *thin* entry. Nothing comes blasting out at you for a second and then BAM all hell breaks loose. Black grainy fruit thick enough to probably NOT be able to suck between the gaps in your teeth pounces on your tongue, with a massive gash of acid opening up immediately behind. Beautiful cough syrup tones of candied cherry and nut liqueur slide down the sides of your tongue but do not allow you to dwell too long on the syrupy side of ripe–they are mere glimpses of warm devotion under the fresh, bright, virile fruit. Near-eonic mouthfeel finally succumbs to the tannin–no, I’m wrong. It really never does. The fruit goes on and on as gradually-building reminders how truly young this wine is clang a gong in the foreground.

This is an absolute baby, I admit it IS fun to drink now, but oh dear dog what a crime to do so. And SUCH A BARGAIN. Buy 2 cases and drink one a year. Buy a case and drink one every two years but you will regret it.

2016 CHATEAU D’AIGUILHE ME/CF 85/15 Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux France 14.5
Buy it here:

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