dat gap doe

Look at that color. I don’t have to explain that color to you, you know what that is. Probably even can imagine what the first sniff is like based on that color. Meaty, nut-butter, hot dogs boiling and beef seasoning salt over sultry Dr. Pepper and cinnamon fruit. So incredibly spicy and savory and thick in the nose.

These were so cheap too when I bought them. Dear dog I wish I would have bought more. I’m not sure exactly when the winery went away, I bought these about 2016 for maybe 30 bucks? I know they’re popping up all over the deep discounters shelves these days so hey if you run into it I would definitely slam a few in the trunk and giddy up home. But please drink them, I mean at least drink one and visit them frequently because I only see maybe three or four more years on this.

Luscious green bitter stemmy fruit in the mouth, sweet and salty and finished with elegance not detracting from a wild live drum circle of ethereal Bohemian abandon. This is a gorgeous wine, thin and supple and so rich and concentrated at the same time–just that glorious thing pinot can do that you have such a hard time explaining.

2014 WIND GAP Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 12.5


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