One to the Dome

Really torn on this wine. It is either THE most boring wine I have ever had in my life OR so ridiculously seamlessly perfectly balanced it is just mellow wine perfection. A little savory buttery flab up front, tempered with some spice and brambly fruit, but let me reiterate: these are all in tiny TINY amounts. Nothing really in the nose or mouth to shout Cabernet Franc at you–or St. Em or even Bordeaux for that matter. Mellow on the palate, even-keeled and smooooooth. Not soft–and tight as violin-string–but also not super acidic or tannic.

Obviously, I was prepared for greatness. That’s the problem with hype. I’d never had this wine, and have heard many times that it represents the world’s finest expression of BDX-style CabFranc. Of course–as with any wine with a by-line like that–there are equal numbers of tongues decrying it as all-hat-no-cattle and a waste of money.

I was ready to be blown away, or at least have something to argue about or criticize. There’s none of that happening here. It’s just plain old good normal–fairly uninspiring–wine.

2014 CHATEAU TEYSSIER (JCP MALTUS) Le Dome CF/ME 75/25 Grand Cru St. Emilion France 13.5

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