Dark garnet–ruby at the core–with a definite band of brick at the edge. lots of mint and eucalyptus in the nose, gorgeous sharp juxtapositions to a ker-THUNK of rich fruit majoring in blackberry cola, with all the briar and earth that goes along with both of those, but the fruit turns brighter and redder and the petrichor takes on a shrill galvanized steel.

I don’t know when the last fresh Napa Cab I had was. And of course I mean as opposed to those old musty tired things I am forced to pop occasionally. There are SOOOO many wines I have to drink, and noticed an ample stack of Napa offerings down there calling my name today. The best part about Napa cab are the indignant excuses people come up with for not drinking them. They’re too expensive, they’re too luxurious, the winery owners are fake, they’re too big, they’re too dark, there’s too much oak, they are nothing like Bordeaux, Washington/Paso Robles/Australia/Argentina/Nova Scotia/LITERALLY FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ANYTHING IN THE WORLD is better than them. It’s hilarious. I guess when you’re king, everybody’s gunnin for you.

In the mouth, I think you can actually taste the 2011. As big and ripe and densely-packed as this thing is, the late nose and early palate really crank up all that ballsy 2011 stuff I have been preaching for people to go out and buy for years. Whopping mineraliciousness flow seamlessly from the nose to a bright, gritty entry spiked with acid and flush with pie-cherry. Thick nectary layers of cassis, wet leather, black tea and German chocolate cake take their best shots at a peppery fire evolving from the acid and briar. Tannin so on fire and yet NEVER causing a wince make little swirls in the calmly-flowing backwater beneath the roar of the falls, where willows dip their leaves gently into the glinting surface and licorice, vanilla and tar make smooth break for it.

This is 2011 perfection. God, I wish I had more of these. I seem to recall these being Coombsville and Stagecoach. Probably sold out, but with 2011, you never know. People are dumb. Stupidly good stuff with 8 years of polish on it.

2011 ROBERT JOHN VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.7


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